October 2010

Sorry, but one of our favorite product vendors, MELIA LUXURY PET PRODUCTS, has gone out business. Melia pet bowls, feeders, mats, etc. are no longer available.

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Pets embody our lives and envelop our souls. Melia Luxury Pet strives to enrich this union by offering simply the best in personalized hand painted pet pottery as functional art and finely crafted wrought iron feeders and beds.

In reality, Melia is an 85 Lb Black Labrador mix, who exudes the best qualities you could ask for in a best friend. Melia symbolizes the incredible relationship between the human and the canine and feline species and translates that feeling into all of Melia products.

Melia Paw Bowl Collection

Melia Paw Collection


Free Personalization on Melia Dog and Cat Bowls

Melia products are made from scratch in their Atlanta studio. Melia specializes in the personalization of dog and cat bowls, canvas placemats, and treat jars. A Melia artist will customize a bowl with your petís name or special phrase. After painting the name, the bowl is fired again in the kiln to set permanently. There is no additional charge for the personalization service.

Each Melia bowl is signed by the individual artist. Melia bowls also are crafted to be the heaviest in the industry, so say goodbye to dancing or flying pet bowls!


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